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“I Found it at the Movies”...

TITLE: I Found it at the Movies.

Contest Description:

DUCTS.org is seeking the best personal essay about the movies to honor the late Fred Hudson, co-founder and president of the Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center for over 30 years and one of the finest screenwriting teachers in New York City. We are looking for essays, no more than 2000 words, that are deeply personal and deal with your relationship to movies: how one film inspired you, how movies themselves changed your life, your first romantic experience at the movies, etc. Inspire us, make us laugh, make us cry, amaze us, shock us. Tell us what you’ve found at the movies, besides gum on the bottom of your shoes.




*Reading Fee: $22. Payments are made by credit card or electronic check through PayPal. To submit your entry by mail use the "Print and Mail Entry Form" and enclose a check with your entry form and essay. If you experience any problems, please email us.

* Postmark/Email Deadline: September 1, 2004 . Submissions with a later postmark date or received via email later than this date will be discarded.

*All entries are non-returnable.

*We accept submission three ways. You can submit (1) using our online form, (2) by emailing your manuscript as a Word.doc or Text file, or (3) you can send manuscripts via regular. Please complete the Print and Mail Entry Form and include it with your manuscript(s).  If a form does not open when you click the link, you may download Adobe PDF Reader here.

*Manuscript Requirements: Send no more than 2000 words, plus title page. Good photocopies acceptable. Mailed manuscripts must be paginated and secured with a staple.

*More than one manuscript may be submitted but each requires a reading fee. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable but ducts webzine must be notified if the manuscript is taken elsewhere.

*Manuscripts will be judged by members of the Ducts staff purely on the basis of skill and will be judged on quality of the writing (33.3%), originality (33.3%) and how clearly the writer articulates the contest theme (33.3%). No chance will be involved in determining the winner and there will be no ties.

*Notification Dates: Results will be announced in our Winter 2004 Issue on December 1st, 2004. 1st and 2nd place submissions will be posted in the December 1st , 2004 Issue.

*The Winning Entry: Winner receives publication, $500. Second prize receives publication, $250.

*The odds of winning this contest will depend upon the number of entries.

*All Ducts staff are disqualified from this contest.


For more information, email Jonathan Kravetz, editor.