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Wedding Pictures
Thomas Fast


Carmen and flowergirl

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Dear Ducts readers,

If you are in your 20's or 30's, perhaps you are going through a phase where everyone around you is getting married. Well, this is definitely the case with me -- only my friends are spread out all over the globe. The following photos were taken mostly in Japan. They portray two bi-cultural weddings: A Shinto ceremony for Jarrad (Australia) and Takako (Japan), then a Catholic wedding for Cyrille (France) and Masami (Korean-Japanese). Also pictured are my friends' costume wedding reception, a very traditional ceremony in Ecuador and finally my brother's wedding in my mom's backyard. One final note: There is a good chance that I myself will be married by the time you read this. Soon, I'll be sending my papers off to Japan so that my fiancee (pictured with Masami) can take them to her local city hall and marry us with me "en absentia." That's right! I'm going to be a mail-order husband!

- Tom Fast

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