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Winter 01
art gallery
bachelor girl

photographs by Brad S. Wise

1991-2001 Brad S. Wise


Selections from


35mm photography by Brad S. Wise

Published here for the first time are a few selections from The West is Dreaming, an upcoming exhibit on the soon-to-launch online art project, GoingWest's mission is to explore a new visual library of the American West as defined by contemporary photographers and multimedia artists. The first edition includes several unpublished works: San Francisco artist, Dana M. McCutcheon presents a selection of short movies and graphic loops; Danish photographer and GoingWest editor, Hans Manner-Jakobsen, presents several slide shows and composite panoramas of his work in the western states during the 1990's; and from Jacksonhole, Slim Digby will present his portraits and animations of cowboy and indian dolls. My exhibit (elements of which first appeared in the Fall 2000 edition of Ducts) features 42 images, 21 day and 21 night from my work in California, Utah and Arizona. We invite you to join us soon, down at the train tracks, going west...

Time streams past old homes and palms under the big sky. In your blue truck, going no place. Shadows on the white wood siding. A tree dreams of being a man. Our water flows in and out of darkness. Hidden in the canyon is a sacred cave, mother of us all. The Sawtooth Ridge burns in the ancient American sunset, and the West is dreaming...


Some of B.S. Wise's recent digital work may also be found at The Digital Room .


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