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Winter 01
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bachelor girl

ducts contributors

Shannon Allen
Shannon Allen is in her early twenties and a recent graduate from Denver University. An English major, her literary interests include contemporary poetics and modern American literature. A current resident of Ithaca, NY, Shannon is currently serving hot Greek food to the masses while developing her ideas and personal writing style.
Nicholas Bhasin
Nicholas Bhasin is a comedy writer and screenwriter. He is a member of a new, exciting, but as yet unnamed, sketch comedy group. He works as a script analyst for Miramax Films.

Bill Bilodeau

Bill is the editor of a small daily newspaper in New Hampshire. He studied creative writing at Harvard and is currently at work on a novel. He is married... with children.
Nic Darling
Nic currently lives in London. He does not know what he wants to be when he grows up. E-Mail him with a suggestion:
Kevin Dresser
art gallery
For information about Kevin's work go to his website at
Thomas Fast
Thomas, a.k.a. Naked Man, is teaching English and Spanish to junior high and high school students in Japan. He studied art history at New York University and has traveled and lived throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. His photographs have appeared in articles and magazines, and have been exhibited in Japan. He also makes guest appearances as a DJ at his local coffee house in Okayama City.
Stefania Fumo
Stefania is an Italian writer, journalist, filmmaker and translator living in NYC since thee early 90s, when she covered US news for European magazines, radio and a daily newspaper. She has translated several novels, and her first short film was screened at festivals in Greece, Romania, the UK, Uruguay and the US. She is currently in pre-production on her second short film, and her erotic fiction appears in the current issue of Allspice magazine.
E.B. Gallardo
personal essays
E.B.Gallardo resides in New York City. She is currently on sabbatical in the Amazon. She hopes wrestling with an anaconda will relieve her of her angst. She is completely aware of the Freudian implications in this statement.
Richard Goodman
personal essays
Richard has lived in New York for twenty-five years. His first apartment was on Tenth Street, between Second and Third, in an apartment with a working fireplace. He assumed after that that all New York apartments came furnished with working fireplaces. He has since been enlightened. Richard Goodman has written articles and essays for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Commonweal, Garden Design, Creative Nonfiction, and He has twice been the recipient of a MacDowell Colony Residency. He created, wrote and narrated a six-part series about New York City for Public Radio in Virginia. He is working on a book about flowers and is currently an Associate Editor at Random House in New York City.
Sharon Hardy
Sharon has been working for the corporate giant, NBC, since 1998. (As it is owned by General Electric, she can get you a good deal on a refrigerator and dishwasher.) Specifically, Sharon collects stock video footage for Late Night with Conan O'Brien, which she shamelessly and obviously uses in numerous Please Stop Stealing My Bike productions. Though on the surface, she aspires to be a writer and director, she actually wishes to be a rock star, but fears she is rapidly getting too old. In ten years, Sharon hopes to be at a stage of her life where she can afford a one bedroom apartment in a decent part of Brooklyn.
Jeffrey Ethan Lee
Jeffrey recently published strangers in a homeland, a poetry chapbook with Ashland Poetry Press, and he has won various prizes, honors, etc. Works have appeared in Crazy Horse (2001), CrossConnect (1997, 2000, 2001), Inkwell Magazine (2000), Many Mountains Moving (1997), Green Mountains Review (1999-2000), Crab Orchard Review (1998 & 2001), rampike (2001), Southern Poetry Review (1999 & 2001) and Barrow Street (2000) and many more. Work is also featured by the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia. He volunteers for the board of the Asian Arts Initiative of Philadelphia, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit arts organization, co-produces the NotCoffeehouse Poetry and Performance Series [at], and has coordinated the Loose Canon Writers Collective since 1995.
Mitchell Levenberg
Mitchell has published short stories in FICTION magazine, The New Delta Review, The Cream City Review, Fine Madness and others. He teaches writing at New York University and St. Francis College.
Johanna Li
Johanna is an associate editor at Simon & Schuster. Despite repeated attempts at rehabilitation she still likes to draw.
Benjamin Malcolm
Benjamin is a freelance writer based in Thailand. A former Thailand Peace Corps volunteer, he now lives and works in the northern town of Mae Hong Son, near the Burmese border.

Anthony Mariani

Anthony Mariani is former music editor of the Houston Press in Texas. His writing on music has recently appeared in The Village Voice, Vibe and Salon
Margaret Hundley Parker
personal essays
Margaret is a freelance and fiction writer. Her award winning essays have been published in The Independent and The Sarah Lawrence Review, as well as being set to music at the North Carolina Literary Festival and animated on ("Our Stories"). She's the Editor at Large of FIT magazine and frequently reviews books for the New York Times. Her articles have also appeared in Time Out New York, Travel and Leisure Golf,, and Myvideogames. com. She recently completed a book for DK publishing (coming out March 2002).She has an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She teaches fiction and poetry through the Teachers & Writers Collaborative.
The essay "Rock Star" was part of a multi-media exhibit on indie rock at CBGBs gallery which was reviewed in the Village Voice, and posted (briefly) on
Joseph Pelloni
Joseph lives in Queens, NY. When he isnšt writing, he works as a periodontist and rabbi. He is working on a collection of short stories and a novel about Jewish gangsters.
Hannele Rubin
bachelor girl
After a bad breakup with an Israeli Tank Commander, Bachelor Girl purchased the entire "Relationships" section at Barnes & Noble. On her way out, she also grabbed a copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' 100 Years of Solitude. Bachelor Girl is a 20-year veteran of fixup flops, bad bar pickup lines, great sex with bad men, and failed attempts to see the merits of socially maladjusted -- but marriage-minded -- guys. She's also a freelance journalist.

Chelsa Santoro

Chelsa currently lives in Amsterdam, New York. She has been studying how to teach small people.
Christine Walters
art gallery
Christine has produced live action and animated series for the Children's Television Workshop, Jim Henson Productions, Comedy Central and HBO. She's given voice to many bimbos on the animated series, Beavis and Butthead. Christine also performs improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with her group "Mother."
Brad Wise
art gallery
Brad is a photographer and designer residing in Manhattan. He is currently involved in a number of new media projects. He also writes for film.
Randy Woods
September 11th
As a mild-mannered editor for a Seattle-based national insurance magazine, Randy fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and a really good screenplay. A former managing editor for a magazine about garbage-hauling, Randy is also an amateur photographer.
Helen Zelon
Helen's writing has appeared in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, Brooklyn Bridge and Scientific American: Explorations. A proud booster of her adopted hometown (New York), she is a nonfiction contributor to Totally Brooklyn.
Jonathan Kravetz
Jonathan is a Brooklyn based freelance writer.
Philip Shane
Philip is a freelance film editor. His programs have appeared on PBS, ABC, Cinemax, Lifetime Television, The Learning Channel, and in theaters and film festivals around the world. He lives in New York with his wife Julie.
Rachelle Meyer
Rachelle is a freelance artist, designer and writer. She often works under the pseudonym Plasmotica Studios to seem worldly and mysterious. She loves bacon.
Jonathan Toubin
Jonathan Toubin is a Queens-based unemployed temporary office clerk.
Stephanie Hart
children's editor
Stephanie Hart teaches writing at F.I.T. and the Parsons School of Design and is currently the Children's editor at ducts. She has published a young adult novel. Her short stories have appeared in the magazines "Caprice," and "And Then," as well as the anthology, Mondo James Dean, published by St. Martin's Press in 1996. While her fiction and non-fiction has been included in recent issues of ducts, a personal essay appears in the anthology, Self Portraits: Language Learners in a Multicultural World, published in 2000 by Teachers College Press.
Laura Buchholz
humor editor
Laura is a science editor about town, most recently at the medical website She has studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and has collaborated on two short films by Please Stop Stealing My Bike Productions.
Jennifer Lauren Pelley
Jennifer is studying cinematography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
Ryan Van Winkle
poetry editor
Ryan Van Winkle is 23 years old and lives out of a back pack. He has no permanent residence and is a happy freelance writer. He spends as much time naked as humanly possible. E-Mail him at