"It is not words that matter. It is WORMS."

Dr. Vaughn paused, giving Cathy a moment to compose herself, then continued. "This situation is actually quite common, Ricki. You see, Cathy is what I call a NEED-MONSTER. She's grown accustomed to having her own needs satisfied, no matter what. It's not her fault. She wouldn't be the way she is if there weren't always people around her ready to satisfy those needs. Edgar is a good example. He's what I call a CARETAKER. He feels a need to take care of those closest to him --"

"In other words," Ricki broke in, "he's afraid to let go -- afraid that if he does let go, he might be abandoned."

"Exactly," Dr. Vaughn said. "But it's important to remember that we're not here to cast blame. It's no one's fault --"

"POSH," Heathcliff sneered. "It's Cathy's fault -- hers alone. Together, she and I would have braved Satan's legions. She, alone, could have sundered us. She has killed us both, though we live and breathe."


Dr. Vaughn was unfazed. "In that case, may I ask you a simple question, Heathcliff: Why do you feel this need to manipulate those around you?"

"He IS a bit of a control freak," Ricki agreed.

"Words!" he cried. "I talk to you of the death of souls, and you reply with WORDS? It is not words that matter. It is WORMS. Do you understand me, woman?"

Now a young woman in the front row leapt up and snatched the microphone from Ricki's hand. "I just want to say that the guy in the middle, the loud guy, he's a pig, and the lady sitting right next to him, her, Cathy, she's nothing but a HO, plain and simple."

"You GO, girl!" called a woman behind her.

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