"...the murky depths."

"Do it!" she ordered, and allowed Stan to put his arm around her shoulder while Rex struggled to lift the bag. Cursing, he somehow managed to hoist it up on the railing, failing to heed Tina's advice for bending his knees instead of his back. Rather suddenly he tipped the contents of the case into the Hudson, where they mixed with lesser debris and sank quickly into the murky depths.


"Courage!" Ms. B thought, and felt much like Scarlett O'Hara must have as she watched Atlanta burn to the ground. But somehow the intrepid Ms. B managed to turn her back on the sinking makeup (actually, Stan yanked her dramatically by the hair) and everything else she'd ever loved. Goodbye world! Farewell to spacious closets, a potentially dazzling new career, and her beloved Manhattan, for now . . .





Join Ms. B next time as she and Stan prepare to celebrate the millenium at the tallest aluminum smelter (137m) in Australasia!


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