Naked Man
our man in Japan!

Who is
Naked Man?

he tangoed in Paris

bribed his way into Mexico

yodeled in the Venezuelan Andes

soloed in Carnegie Hall

swam with deadly sea turtles in Costa Rica

partied with a Colombian transsexual gogo dancer and an Italian lingerie salesman in a train on his way to Wein

got rubbed-down by an 80 year old hashish junkie wearing only a beanie and speedo in a 900 year old Moroccan bathhouse

did a tour of duty in 'Nam

explored Vulcan (Canada, that is)

shopped duty free in Colombia

ate the best gnocchis of his life in Buenos Aires

skinny-dipped with fashion models in Taiwan

hustled pool in Zurich

discovered undersea treasure in the Philippines

witnessed bizarre sex acts in Bangkok

bought a BENZ in Germany and drove it on the Autobahn

had his body greased-down with chicken innards during a Cuban Santeria ritual to dispel the death curse of an old girlfriend

and most recently -- crashed the Communist Party's party in Beijing!



and now he's in JAPAN!

You can read about his adventures
in every edition of ducts.