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I Hate Myself, I'm a Genius, I Ruin Everything, I'm So Lonely

Ryan Van Winkle

I Hate Myself, I'm a Genius, I Ruin Everything, I'm So Lonely is a new spoken word album by poet (and Ducts.org poetry editor) Ryan Van Winkle and a variety of international sound artists. The album was made by giving simple vocal tracks of poems to artists who could make a song or soundscape out of them. There were no rules: stanzas could be deleted, lines looped, the vocal could be pushed up, pushed back or sped up. This is a different kind of spoken word album, one that you may dance to. The following tracks show the breadth of the cd: the first is dirty electro, the second hippy-hop. Have a listen. Cds can be bought direct from Ryan Van Winkle: ryan@smaxx.com. Both cds are also available from forest records: www.theforest.org.uk


Track 4
: Coins by Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Seizure: "I wanted to hear what it would sound like," says Dan Seizure, "if Phillip Glass got locked in Tom Waits basement for a couple of weeks. That's why I made this track."

Carbon: The Medley by Ryan Van Winkle and Mikel Krumins: "Biggie was my inspiration for this one," says Scottish MC Krumins, lead singer of the Abdominal Showmen, "He's really my inspiration for everything. I think he would have liked this track."

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