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Jorge Continento

Jorge Continentino is a saxophone and Flute player from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently residing in New York City. He has recorded and played with many of Brazil's foremost recording artists, such as: Milton Nascimento, Ed Motta, Marisa Monte, Durval Ferreira, Skank, Zeca Baleiro, Moraes Moreira, and many, many more. Jorge has two brothers who play on the album, Alberto and Kiko, on bass and piano respectively. Described by one Florida newspaper as the Marsalis family of Brazil, the three brothers form the experimental jazz-fusion group Continentrio. Their self-entitled album, "Continentrio", was released in 2003. "Portrait" is a collection of original jazz compositions played elegantly and with an intensity and sincerity that flow uninterrupted from beginning to end. At its core the band is a trio of drums, bass, and saxophone, joined at times by guitar and at others by Fender Rhodes.


"It's true that sax jazz albums are a dime a dozen--which makes it all the more rare that one would jump out and stun with such ease. "Portrait" features some of the most expressive, haunting, emotional sax playing we have ever seen. This album is beyond the smoky, late night haze of the jazz club as it ventures into a sophisticated, slightly experimental language, always holding onto the melodic seed, the kernel of distilled musicality that breathes such life into this entrancing soundworld. Without a doubt, Jorge Continentino is an artist in the truest sense of the word and he is one to keep your eyes and ears on." - Reviewer: Tamara Turner, CD Baby


Track 1
: Mesurashi

Track 3:
Rosa dos Ventos

Track 5
: Playground 77

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