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Ronnie Wright Kim Whitam Alexander Harrington
Alexander Harrington


Works for Neither Here nor There:
Photographs by Krista Connerly, Ronnie Wright, Kim Whitam, and Alexander Harrington

Landscapes frequently propose and instigate the non-rational in me. The landscape itself becomes a non-rational being. It has emotional processes that move themselves as natural forces. These forces can sometimes enter me, setting off my own series of bodily responses. Sometimes the landscape seems interested in exhibiting the potential to overtake me physically as is the case with sunburn, freezing, and drowning. This is one of its forms of intimacy. It can penetrate you. In less dramatic cases you form a relationship through adaptation. A new territory, as you move across it, changes your situation. Often you will need to calibrate the internal to the external.

- Krista Connerly

One of the facets of photography is its ability to generate redundant and technical images. When a reader comes in contact with this cataloguing of codes and symbols they inadvertently glance over the photograph evoking blankness due to a visual illiteracy. I am looking to evoke this "blankness" to reaffirm the continuing absence of the African-American within a social space that continues to provide redundant stereotypes of our presence in contemporary society.

- Ronnie Wright

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