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Math and God, God and Math

Angelo Ancheta

Finding a mathematical representation of one's relationship with God

Math is the language of science. Just like verbs, prepositions, clauses that link words to form a coherent sentence that then communicate a statement, a question or an exclamation, math relates things by arithmetic or algebraic expressions.

To the 'mathematically-challenged, the equality sign or symbol is the ultimate relationship marker. Something is equal to something. How does that work? Let's take a simple illustration. We know that when one is obese or physically unfit, that person won't be able to run as fast as or walk as consistently as someone who is physically fit. One reason is that the heart is not capable of pumping blood at the required rate to enable him to do that.

Something tells us that our 'mass' or 'weight' has something to do with our 'mobility'. In mathematical terms, we express mass and that mobility in 'constants'. We can arbitrarily put it as mobility = mass only to look for a relationship, using the equal sign to relate the two.

From the equation :
F= mass x s acceleration (equation 1)

Doing some manipulation we arrive at acceleration = Force / mass then replacing acceleration with velocity over time we derive :

velocity (or speed as vector) = time x Force / mass (equation 2)

That's Newtons 2nd Law of Motion that governs all acceleration -- Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass (of the object being accelerated) the greater the amount of force needed (to accelerate the object).

Most of us would simply ignore the mathematics of life and accept things as they are. Without having to be analytical (unless deliberately wanting to be so), most of us are aware that there's something that holds us to the 'ground', that's why we can walk and move around. The mathematics part of that is in the concept of gravity. And most are aware too that when we leave earth, exploring the outer space, we'd simply float. Why? Again because of gravity.

It's a 'gift' for some people to have this facility in looking for mathematical equations. It's just another type of 'gift' just like the ability to philosophize, search for if-I-do-this-this-happens or the ability to be scientific in discovering things by hypothesizing, experimenting, observing, inferring, validating and concluding. Why do certain people have these gifts? Most of them who are dedicated are successful in their quest for something.

Can we relate ourselves and God using mathematical equations? I believe that the equation is already out there, waiting for some of us to discover, perhaps in due time. And that time or moment (called an epiphany) is unique for each of us. Tomorrow may be the right time for some, while years or decades may be for others.

But the paramount goal should not be in the mere discovery of 'the mathematics of it', though such discovery would probably increase awareness and inspire us to value and enrich such relationship.

Rather, the quest should lead to a question we should ask ourselves:
"Will my relationship reach a consummation?"

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