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Deandra Tan
Age 11


Mother of growth, yellow and green
begin by setting a birthday scene

Upon our hosts sprinkle some snow
then stand back and watch them grow

Plant one seed in the middle of May,
and see their hair turn from brown to gray

As the young kitten quickly grows,
you'll begin to see they need bigger clothes

From child to grown up, the prospect's black,
too late, they've grown, they can't turn back

Across the field grazes the cow,
your hosts have grown a great deal by now

An old priest prays for his sake,
now in comes the birthday cake

Candles burning dimly bright,
come to our hosts and bring them light

For they are older than they were,
and a sense of excitement begins to stir

Throw a penny down the well,
so ends the birthday spell.



Most children have hobbies
like collecting bottle caps or stamps
or playing soccer or tennis,
or swimming or skating...
but I....
I dream.

What's so magical about dreams?
They come from a place inside yourself that’s always there.
They are hopes,
things to accomplish,
a light ahead,
leading you out of a dark forest.

When you sleep, dreams come from deep inside the mind,
deep from inside yourself.

They may be things you might not know about
until they turn into a kind of reality.

And, if something bad happens,
all you have to do is open your eyes.

Then, you're safe,
once again.



                     I feel
As I soar above the city
         Past my home

          Through my body

        Ancient mystical worlds
             Flowing thoughts
                     Unite me
              With the Universe
                   I just entered

        Mellow movement
     Speechless delight,
       As I twirl and dance
               On clouds
           As soft as silk

         As sorrows and woe
             Are left behind

         Sensitive to all emotion

               I encounter
          in the brilliant sky




Deandra Tan lives in New York City and attends Sixth grade. In her free time she loves to read, draw, scooter and play Gameboy. She also enjoys Kung Fu marital arts which she recently began studying. She often wishes she had a sister or a dog but settles for having a light gray gerbil named cuddles.


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