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Jasmine Ames
Age 11


No Christmas

Once upon a time people down on the ground were complaining about the little bit of money, games and jet cars they owned. These twins named Jasmine and Robert were mad at the people because they were making God mad. When the twins prayed to God they told him, "Don’t listen to those crazy people. Listen to the ones that pray to you and go to church."

When the twins woke up the next day, they saw that jet cars were honking, and people were yelling at each other. Also the twins’ dog and cat had run downstairs and started barking and hissing at each other. Robert told them, "Come back upstairs. You should love each other."

When Jasmine and Robert went to church, Jasmine told the pastor, "These people need to calm down. It is almost Christmas."

Robert told God, "They shouldn’t get any presents this year for Christmas."

When Christmas came no one had presents. Robert’s family had presents though. When everyone wondered why this Christmas was so boring, Jasmine went on television and said, "There was no Christmas because you guys are complaining to God too much. If you stop complaining, life will be good again.

After everyone stopped complaining, God and the world lived happily ever after. The world learned never to be greedy, and to be happy with what they have.


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