Seasonal Poems
These poems have made it all the way across the globe courtesy of Tom Fast, a ducts contributor and an English teacher in Japan. Let's cheer Tom's students as these teenage writers try out their fantastic new English skills!


Spring wind is very pleasant

And it whispers a cradle song

in my ear

I am in my dream.

Winter is very cold

So I wish you to stay by my side

From the bottom of my heart

- Saki Yasunobu, age 19


Looking for a sunflower

I am smiling

On a cold day

I found my destiny

It was him

- Nao Yamamoto, age 16



Summer: Swimming in the sea

Big Thunderhead in the sky

Autumn: A red dragonfly is flying

Look! The sunset is beautiful

Summer Vacation

- Yui Komoto, age 17



Somehow I am getting warmer

I look

You are not your usual self

You look charming

I want to talk with you

But I don’t know what to say

Before I was able to talk to you



Everyday I am happy to go to school

I am happy because I am able to talk

With you

But I can’t see you for a long time

Somehow I hurt

I cannot forget you


My heart is hurt whenever I look at you.


Do I like you?


You don’t like winter

So you shiver

You are exhaling white breath

Your face is blushing

You are gripping my hand

You gaze at me

I am attracted to your eyes

I always want to be near you

And keep you warm

I want to cover yourself with myself

And cuddle you!

I love you.


- Teppei Inoue, age 17



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