"...Ricki thrust her microphone under his chin."

A man from the audience jumped to his feet, and Ricki thrust her microphone under his chin. "You don't ever raise your hand to a woman! "

Next came a comment from a woman several rows back. "I think Mr. Heathcliff, or whatever his name is, needs to get respect for himself. Unless you have respect for yourself, you can't respect anyone else."

"Madam, it is the WORLD I do not respect," Heathcliff stated, "How can I respect a world in which a creature such as Edgar Linton might come between Cathy and myself?"

He was answered by another woman in the audience. "All I want to say is I think you're being very judgmental, and if I were the woman on the end -- Isabella -- if I were you, I'd dump him in a minute."

The audience applauded the suggestion.


Ricki then turned back to the stage and gestured towards the woman off to the side, the one in the business outfit. "At this point, I'd like to introduce Dr. Allison Greenberg-Vaughn, a relationships expert. Dr. Vaughn, you've been listening to all this -- I noticed you taking notes before. Can you help us straighten things out?"

Dr. Vaughn leaned forward in her chair. "I hope so, Ricki. I think it's clear there are many issues here -- which is okay. Everyone has issues. However, I do have a simple question to ask. Cathy, do you love your husband?"

"Edgar has been very kind to me," she answered.

Dr. Vaughn frowned. "That's not what I asked, Cathy."

"Yes, of course I love him. He's my husband."

"And what about Heathcliff?" the doctor inquired.

Cathy's eyes suddenly welled up. "I AM Heathcliff."

"So if I hear you correctly," Dr. Vaughn said, "what you're saying is that you LOVE Edgar, but you're IN LOVE with Heathcliff. Am I right?"

"Yes, yes," Cathy sobbed. "Only don't force me to utter the words."

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