"...Was the book worth $3 million? Probably not."

But the ultimate in hype and the stuff of every author's dream, is what Delacorte did for first time novelist, screenwriter, Nicholas Evans. They forked over in excess of $3 million bucks for a half-completed novel called, The Horse Whisperer. Never mind that Robert Redford had already optioned the book for a film (reportedly for another $3 million), the fact is Evans was an unproved commodity. No one knew who he was. But they sure do now. During this campaign, I remember walking through Central Park one day when I noticed a young woman wearing a baseball cap with The Horse Whisperer stitched on the back while on the front was the word Believe, which, according to the publisher, was meant to have us all "believe," not only in the book, but also in the incredible ad campaign that was being mounted, which included baseball caps, lapel pins and signed galleys.


Was the book worth $3 million? Probably not. But I'm sure Delacorte believed they got more than $3 million worth of publicity. And who's to say they're wrong? Certainly not Nicholas Evans who can laugh all the way to the bank, knowing that he is the envy of every poor, starving writer in the country.



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