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Julia Douglass
singer / songwriter

The Performances

We're proud to feature two songs written and performed by Julia Douglass:

(Julia's music was recorded at Dubway Studios, NYC)


The ducts sing
a special introduction by Jonathan Kravetz, editor of ducts

This time it's personal.

I first met Julia Douglass when we were both slaving over our computers at a large law firm in New York City. I was drawn immediately to Julia's quirky sense of humor and her calm demeanor (sic). A typical Julia reaction to a stressful encounter at the firm (and their were many) was simply to nod and smile (and occasionally scream). Little did I know that Julia was taking it all in so she could use it, twist it and shape it into her unique, smart songs.

I saw Julia perform shortly after we met and I was blown away by her work. She is more than simply a great songwriter, she is a fascinating performer with something important to say. The thing I remember more than anything about that first performance were the long, rambling, uniquely-Julia stories she told in between songs. Her self-deprecating patter had us all falling out of our seats with laughter.

Julia writes about the everyday, but with an ironic slant that you won't find in any of today's pop music. I always feel like she is writing from the viewpoint of a naive young girl who is a little saddened that she's had to wise up to survive in the world. But the innocence remains -- it's Julia, and her listeners, hanging on to some hope.

In her song "Wanna Bee," available on her album Fetish for the Underdog, she writes about all of the wannabees, people who constantly hope for what is just beyond their grasp. She writes:

you may say I wanna have it all
setting up for a Humpty-Dumpty fall
and we all know that every gutter bin
is filled to the top with talented folk who are spread too
I'm spread too thin
I wannabe

These lyrics are standard Julia: a little sad, a little ironic, but somehow also exposing a hidden truth. I love that she is not afraid to write about her own experiences. She tells personal stories that are always universal in their appeal. That's what makes her perfect for ducts.

Julia's music is also deeply satisfying. It always matches the tone of the lyrics. She doesn't write finger-snapping music for it's own sake, but somehow the tunes will remain with you for days.

What impresses me most about Julia, the artist, is how much she has changed and grown in just the three years that I've been digging her music.

I'm sitting here right now, jotting this little note and listening to Julia's CD. It's hard to concentrate on my writing, because I have to stop every few seconds and appreciate (read: laugh with) her lyrics.

You'll enjoy them too.

Keep it up, Jules.

Greetings from Julia

I don't really know why I started to write songs and sing them. I guess I just didn't really have anything else to do. I was always making up little shows when I was a kid because my parents would put me to bed early. I had to go to bed right after Here Come the Brides and that was around 7:00 p.m. My sister and I shared a room and she wouldn't speak to me and we had to be very quiet with the light out or Mom and Dad would know we were up. So there in the dark (at 7 p.m.) I would just be sitting with nothing to do, so I'd just start making up shows ( I had to face the wall, away from my sullen sister). I would go on for hours, sometimes til 3 a.m. or so (well into my second set) and would just be exhausted the next morning for school. Mother couldn't understand why I was so tired and considered making me go to bed even earlier. Years later when I started to do my shows outside of my bedroom and at open mics I was a surprisingly seasoned performer, thanks to the many years of honing my craft at Club Julia.

Anyway, I am still making up shows and these are my latest efforts. Thanks much to Ducts for giving me an audience that is not my bedroom wall. I hope you enjoy them.


tech note: each piece of music is offered in RealAudio and MP3 formats. RealAudio plays right away, but is lower quality than MP3. You probably already have the RealPlayer to play RealAudio files, but if you don't, it's free and can be downloaded quickly and easily from the RealAudio website.

Free Pancakes

Free Pancakes
by Julia Douglass
© Douglass, Mrs. Kihn Music/Sesac

Let's go to the diner today
and say its our birthday
and see if they give us
free pancakes

Let's go ice skating outside
by Peggy Fleming this time
or Dorothy or Tai

people pay big bucks
to be like us
to play with Tonka trucks
and be free

Let's ride Secretariat
rope mustangs with a lariat
drive a Ben Hur chariot
at your house

Let's read your sister's diary
quote it back to her and see
her cry hysterically
at te dinner table
at the dinner table

people pay big bucks
to be like us
to play with Tonka trucks therapeutically

their biggest complaint
wish they could reacquaint
with they're memories and paint the differently

and get to know the infantile
guileless puerile
precocious Oscar Wilde-like
inner child
their wild inner child

Dumb It Down

Dumb it Down
by Julia Douglass
© Douglass, Mrs Kihn Music

Its Jane Austen meets Kirkegaard the thought is fraught with potential
they loved it in tinseltown there's just one thing, you've got to
you've got to Dumb it Down

The humorous poignancy gives it a buoyancy
the writing is wittily vicious viscerally says my gut
a hit but

you've got to dumb it down
dumb it down
its all so tastefully done
you've got to dumb it down
dumb it down
its all so tastefully dumb

the nuance of irony reflecting happenstance
made me laugh and dance a jig and contemplate
the value system that I've lived to date

you don't understand the masses
they're simple folk, not like you and me
think of them as loveable jackasses
oh yeah and you'll succeed
what they hey it'll be fun
we'll make us a tidy sum
we'll just add some guns and pablum

we'll dumb it down down
dumb it down its all so tastefully done
down down dumb it
its all so tastefully, tastefully dumb
da da dumb dumb da da dumb dumb
they'll never ever comprehend this previous gem given to them
unless you
dumb it down

Julia's debut cd "Fetish for the Underdog" from Stylus Records is available on Amazon.com.

Email juliadoug@aol.com to get on the mailing list for upcoming gigs.


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