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After his debut on the ducts stage in our last issue, Joel returns with six more selections from his best film scores.

orking in both New York and Los Angeles, award-winning composer Joel has been scoring music for pictures for over ten years. His credits include feature films, television and documentaries for Disney, Good Machine Productions, Maysles Films, PBS, Working Pictures, and Cypress Films.

A native New Yorker, Joel began studying music at the famed High School of Music and Art. He continued his formal training at the Berklee College of Music in Boston before returning to New York to embark on his musical career. With a strong focus on scoring for film and television, Joel has composed music for nearly every genre and style, while at the same time, has given each film a unique voice.

With a clear commitment to an artist’s vision, Joel works closely with filmmakers to develop a score that both compliments the narrative and editing, and expresses what picture alone cannot. Recent feature film credits include Cherry, Origin of the Species, and What About Me?. Joel’s music can also be heard regularly on TV, in shows such as NBC’s Mad About You and Saturday Night Live.

Additionally, Joel has contributed a significant amount of music to the documentary community and has had the privilege of working with many talented and respected filmmakers. Joel’s work for documentary film includes Sundance Film selections Green Chimneys and My Knees Were Jumping, HBO’s SuperChief and The Children of Chabannes, as well as the critically acclaimed Concert of Wills: Building the Getty Center, by Susan Froemke, Bob Eisenhardt, and Albert Maysles.

An active producer, Joel’s latest releases are Livingston Taylor’s Ink, and Carla Lother’s Ephemera for Chesky Records. He has also recently produced albums for the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of Art, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.

We present here short excerpts from two of Joel's films.



The Performances

tech note: each piece of music is offered in RealAudio and MP3 formats. RealAudio plays right away, but is lower quality than MP3. You probably already have the RealPlayer to play RealAudio files, but if you don't, it's free and can be downloaded quickly and easily from the RealAudio website.


Kiss To Morning
realaudio mp3 (787 kb)
Kids To Sleep
realaudio mp3 (1 mb)

In this witty film, actress/model Shalom Harlow stars as Leila Sweet, a beautiful, twenty-nine-year-old virgin seeking loveless sex for procreation purposes only. Dumped at the alter at the tender age of 19, she vowed to never love again; ten years later, still true to her anti-love dogma but overcome by the ticking of her biological clock, she resolves to find a decent man willing to impregnate her and leave.

After a short theatrical run, Cherry is now available exclusively at Blockbuster Video.


realaudio mp3 (787 kb)
realaudio mp3 (797 kb)

This film by Bobby Sheehan is a spiritual road movie following one man's cross-country encounters with a radical mix of real people who offer their unscripted answers to his questions about what it means to be alive.

After premiering at this years Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, SEED will soon have a theatrical run.

for more information about Joel Goodman, visit his studio's website at http://www.hifiproductions.com.


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