How True Love Came To Be
by Yves Voltaire



There once were no lovers (this was way before Adam and Eve). There was an island of women and an island of men. Both islands forbade their sex to communicate or have any relationship with the other. The men were to be hard, tough men and not heartbroken by women. Women were to act civilized and practical, instead of being tough or manlike.

One day there was a mischievous man name Pooma. Pooma was a man and had never been exposed to any women. One day he was traveling on a boat to the neighboring island of men. Instead, the boat tilted over and he almost drowned, yet he was resilient even after each wave hit him harder than the one before. He reached an island he thought was occupied by a neighboring man, but where was he?

In his attempt to reach land, Pooma went south instead of north. North was male operated and south was female operated. He saw some unfamiliar legs and faces. He saw unfamiliar chests and knew he was with "another species" (women).



After Pooma came on shore, the women feared h m and ran away. Only Karla would welcome him. After this she showed their similarities. Both men and women had skin; eyes; a body; ears; feet, and hands.

The women then welcomed him and asked if he had any others like himself. But when Pooma told his tribe, he realized that his actions were against the law. So he was put in chains for four days. Then they had an island meeting and he proved himself worthy. Finally he returned to Karla accompanied by many friends.

The women stared at him in wonder. Then Karla planted a kiss on Pooma and excitedly said, "Welcome Man!" He brought his tribe of men over and there began "true love." After that, Pooma was thought of as a hero. His name was used constantly but changed a little as the years went by. First it was Pooma, then Poomy, then Poom, then Poms, then Pom, and then Tom. Over the ages the name has been less commonly used, but don't you still hear the name Tom, Tommy, and Thomas?



P.S. Karla was a loving and pretty girl who welcomed anyone to the island, stranger or not. She died in 9600 BC.


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