Fuzzy Bear's Birthday
By Melanie Fauntleroy



Fuzzy Bear was nine years old. He lived on Animal Street with his younger sister, Honey Bear, his mother Mrs. Bear, and his father, Mr. Bear. Fuzzy's birthday was coming up tomorrow.

Fuzzy planned to have a birthday party at his house with his friends Ticky Tiger, River Rabbit, Muffy Monkey, and Ela Elephant. One day while he was walking to get some honey from the market, he saw his best friend Ticky Tiger.

"Hey, Ticky," said Fuzzy.

"Hi!" said Ticky. He looked nervous. "Um... gotta go, bye!"

"Wait," said Fuzzy. "I have to give you something. Why are you such in a rush?"

"Nothing," said Ticky. "What happened?"

"Well, here is an invitation to my birthday party," said Fuzzy.

"Okay thanks. Bye!" Ticky rushed on.

Then Fuzzy saw River Rabbit.



"Hey, River," said Fuzzy.


"Here is an invitation for my birthday party," said Fuzzy.

"Thanks," said River. "Have you seen Ticky, Ela, or , Muffy?"

"Just Ticky. Why?" asked Fuzzy.

"Nothing. Bye!" River rushed on.

Then Fuzzy saw Muffy Monkey.

"Hey, Muffy," said Fuzzy

"Hi, Fuzzy."

"Here is an invitation to my birthday party," said Fuzzy.

"Oh, thank you. Bye," said Muffy.

Again another one of his friends rushed on.

Then Fuzzy saw his other friend, Ela.

"Hi, Ela," said Fuzzy.

"Hi, Fuzzy."

"Here is an invitation to my birthday party," said Fuzzy.

"Oh, great, thanks. Well I have to go now. Bye."

"Bye," said Fuzzy.


Fuzzy got to the market and kept wondering to himself why all of his friends were in a rush. It wasn't like them. It seemed weird to him. So Fuzzy walked home and kept on thinking. Then he saw all of his friends gathered in the park. They were on the bench talking. Fuzzy started to feel bad because he felt left out. He wondered why his friends didn't want to be with him. So Fuzzy went home feeling very sad and disappointed.

He finally found out why his friends were such in a hurry. They wanted to spend time without him. He hoped they would still come to his party.

Fuzzy's birthday was finally here and he was very excited. He couldn't wait until five o'clock when his party started. Five o'clock came and none of his friends were there. Fuzzy got sad all over again and told his parents he was going to the park for a walk. When Fuzzy got to the park he couldn't believe his eyes.


"SURPRISE!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FUZZY!" all of his friends screamed.

Fuzzy jumped up and down with delight. He gave his friends hugs and said thank you.

"No wonder you guys were not hanging around me yesterday. All of you were in such a hurry every time I tried to talk to you. I thought you didn't want to hang out with me," said Fuzzy.

"No, that wasn't it. We were trying to plan a surprise party for you," Ticky said.

"Thanks, you guys are the best," said Fuzzy.

"Well, come on and enjoy the party!" said Ela.


Everybody had a good time at the party. That was Fuzzy's best birthday party ever.




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