He opened the refrigerator and saw a carton of eggs on the very top shelf. He loved scrambled eggs. So he pulled over a chair, climbed up, and reached way, way back to grab the eggs, but the chair slipped, and then it wobbled, and then it slid. Robbie gripped the carton tight as the chair tipped back, but he fell anyway and dropped the whole carton of eggs!

He sat on the floor and picked up the carton. Six eggs broke and six were left. "What a lucky kid I am!" he cheered. He'd clean up later, but now it was time to scramble up a super-duper fantastic, fabulous big breakfast surprise.

He put all the eggs in a bowl and took out his mother's potato masher. Mash, smash, he went and the eggs cracked and crunched and became a big bowl of yellow goo. This isn't right, he said. It needs something else. "What tiring work all this cooking is!" he exclaimed.

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