My Autobiography
by Alisha Hardy, age 12



Who I Am

Hi, my name is Alisha Hardy. I am a sixth grade student at the Manhattan School for children. I am twelve years old and I am going to turn thirteen on March 1. I was born in 1987 at Harlem Hospital. I am a Christian.



Where I Live

I have lived in New York all my life and I know it has changed. People don't litter like they used to. There isn't as much crime any more. People show you a lot of respect. You can get along with people in school. Teachers take their time to teach you more. People have access to good education, and they put their lives with God. People want to live their lives freely. They really try their best to keep new York in good condition today. That is why and how new York has changed.



About Myself

I love God, Jesus, and my family. I have a lot of friends who support me. I like to go out with my friends and cousins. I love my life. I just don't like people who try to get into my business -- that is something I hate. I like to laugh and I am a sweet person inside. I like to go partying with my friends. I love my church and the people who are members there. I wish that I had the Lord to walk by me every day so I would never feel alone.


My Aspirations

I want to be a lawyer when I grow up, or else a preacher. I want to prove to God and jesus that I love them, so that is one reason I want to be a preacher. I want to be lawyer to help people with their cases. I also want to meet different people and see how they live. I want to help people that need help. I love to pray and teach people about Jesus and what He did for them. These are my aspirations.


A Milestone

There was an event in my life that was exciting to me. I was participating in a program at my school. I was dancing like a beautiful bird in the sky. I was excited, and felt like I was about to cry because it was a happy moment. I wanted to dance forever. Then my father came and said hello, and I was happy because I hadn't seen him in a while. He watched me dance, and I was proud of myself and so was he. Then I did a cartwheel and I landed on my feet. This was two years ago. The program was at my school, and I really liked it.


My Family

I have a beautiful family. My mother is from Harlem, and her name is Angela Katress Faulcon. My mom works at the division of traffic violations in the Bronx. My father is from the Bronx. His name is Keith Edward Hardy, Sr. I have a brother named Keith, too. He was born in Harlem. My other family member were born in Harlem, too, and I really love them. My family and I do a lot of things together, and that is why I love them. I always have fun with my family. We do cool things. We go out to eat. We go on vacations and trips. We have a lot of fun.



This is my life and this is what I stand for. I love my life and being what God made me. This is what I like about myself, and this is who I am. I am true to myself.


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