The Name Translation Machine
by Sam Riegel and Rob Blatt

In light of the recent spate of "name" games, Sam & Rob have developed their own fun formulae...
Your Radiohead Song Title Name

Your Most Recent Electronic Equipment Purchase

+ Your Favorite Eastern Religious Figure

DVD Krishna

Your U2 Band Member Name

The word "The"

+ Your Favorite Simple Machine

The Pulley

Your Mafia Name


+ "The"

+ A Body Part which Normally Comes in Pairs

+ Your Favorite Italian Dish

Tony "The Nipple" Squigilli

Your New York City Taxi Driver Name

Your First Name Spelled Backwards

+ "Bin" or "Al"

+ Any Assortment of Ten Consonants and Two Vowels

Mas Bin Hgejmnodwkkl

Your Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Name

Festive Adjective that Shares its First Letter with your First Name

+ Your First Name

+ the word "Gravy"

Rapacious Rob Gravy

Your "Good Guy" Professional Wrestling Name

First Name You Always Wanted

+ "The"

+ Threatening Non-Domesticated Creature

+ Last Name of Patriotic Founding Father

Brent "The Komodo Dragon" Hancock

Your "Bad Guy" Professional Wrestling Name

Adjective to Describe Embarrassing Relative

+ Their Relation to You

+ Their First Name


Crack-Headed Cousin Steve
Womanizing Aunt Cheryl
Child Molesting Uncle Hank

Your Tyrannical Despot Name

Antiquated Title of Authority

+ Fascist-Sounding Family Name

Mayor Gulianni


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