Internal Life
& prints by Jack Pospisil

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Tether, cast iron, steel cable, 27’ x 9" x 5", 1997.
(detail below)

Introduction, by Jack Pospisil

I was born and raised in New York City. My biological father abandoned me at six years old and the rest of my family waited till I was fifteen. Disowned and made a ward of the state, I grew up in an institution for adolescents much more screwed up than I was. They kept me till I was eighteen and, living in this fashion, I developed a strong interest in psychoanalysis and religion, both of which were keystones of the program. Starting college early, at the School of Visual Arts, I took all of my electives in these areas and they, as well as more recent personal experiences, still feed the imagery of my artwork. The work is a vehicle for the purging and healing of my internal life.

It has always come as a surprise that my art has been received positively by others, but I believe that it’s direct and autobiographical nature is the reason people identify with it. I began exhibiting my work while in graduate school and enjoyed my first solo exhibition only months after graduation. The showing has been steady with a few shows a year.

Upcoming Exhibitions :

September 10 thru the October 29: "As if Alive: Animate Sculpture", New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts, 69 Elm Street, Summit, New Jersey (908-273-9121); the reception is from 2-5 on Sunday, September 10

September 23 thru October 28: "Attack", Magnifik, 191 Grand Street, NYC (718-384-1304);

October 5: "Photasm, Sculptors Using Photography", curated by Peter Dudek, Hunter College, 450 West 41st street, NYC (212-772-4995).