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Greenpoint Press the publishing company of Ducts.org
is proud to announce their new book:

The Sentence: A Family's Prison Memoir by Gene Kraig

In this true account of an ordinary suburban family, Kraig chronicles the years leading up to and through her husband and Cleveland lawyer Jerry Kraig’s incarceration, including the devastating consequences for her family.

In the early 1980s, Jerry Kraig, an idealistic Cleveland attorney with a personal injury and family practice, was retained by his boyhood mentor, Reuben Sturman, to be Sturman's First Amendment Coordinator. Sturman ran one of the most successful porn operations in U.S. history. Kraig administrated the barrage of litigation lodged against Sturman by the Federal government. Little did Kraig know that his loyalty and belief in the Constitution would result in a legal nightmare culminating in his conviction by the U.S. government of conspiracy to defraud the IRS of Sturman's Taxes.

Buy the book now for $15 plus $2 shipping and handling per book.




You may purchase the book by sending a check made out to:

Ducts Webzine Association, Inc.
P.O.Box 3203
Grand Central Station
New York, NY, 10163

Or you can pay through PayPal:


Early praise for The Sentence:

"Gene Kraig has written a tale which pushes the notion of family to a new level. It is a powerful, complex, devastatingly story beautifully told."

- Patty Dann (Author of Mermaids, Sweet & Crazy and The Baby Boat.)



For more information, or group sales, e-mail Charles Salzberg, editor.