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Samantha Wilhelm
Age 13


At the Sea Shore

In the background, the sounds of waves muted everything around them and crashed against the rocks beneath. The orange and red color of the sunset cast the mood of the lukewarm evening. Water splashed above her stubby toes, imprinting the shape of her foot in the muddy sand. The sound of the seagull's cry echoed and traveled to the porch of the woman's beach house. Small wooden boats sailed down the never-ending ocean, blending with the orange sun. Fishermen snored and slept on the dock, anticipating their sumptuous seafood dinner.

In the Room

The small ceramic lamp lit one corner of the room. The gloomy areas were suddenly lit by the bright sunshine. The sunshine reflected off the water that was sitting still in its glass. It was as clear and as smooth as the glass in the window. Outside, the children's playing and laughing echoed into the room. The large, brown, shaggy dog's screeching howl frightened the small, black and white kitten. Her tiny paws rhythmically pounded on the waxed wooden floor. The loud, scratching noise of the dog's paws followed. In the corner, the the soft petal of the pink rose fell softly from its stem onto the stubby, wooden bed-stand. The bed's smooth blue sheets looked like a still river in the middle of the night. The whistle of the wind flowed into the room like whipped cream onto a cake, and the flickering orange of the vanilla-scented candle danced, lighting the room as it became dark.


Samantha Wilhelm attends the City and Country School in New York. Samantha was born in Paraguay. From an international family of four adopted children, she has a sister from Thailand, one from Chile and another from the United States. Samantha enjoys writing, sports and music. She will attend Calhoun school in the Fall.


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