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Jarret Sims
Age 18


In the Subway

He lives
He breathes
Black asthmatic wheeze
Poverty has known him,
Given him a deep sensual forever kiss

Wide eyes gaze through scratched up subway window
I hate him for evoking my sadness
My already there pain

He knows I'm watching,
Conscious of my presence, my thoughts about him
Wide eyes become slanted
Burn a hole through my conscience
I instinctively shoot back with my own slanted eyes
Dark like his

First one to look away loses
So I dare not move
A war goes on in the spectrum of light between brown eyes
Next stop is mine so I guess I'm doomed to lose


Jarret Sims is a biracial (African-American and white/Jewish) high school student at the Riverdale Country School where he is senior class Vice President and captain of the Varsity basketball team. His interests include writing, poetry, basketball, golf and the stock market. In college Jarret plans to major in business or communications. He will attend George Washington University in the Fall.


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