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Chloe' Meyerson
Age 15


Where I'm From

I'm from coat makers and entertainers, high spirited and jittery
          souls who traveled peacock blue oceans.
I'm from nippy days and snowy hills in Central Park, where
          white peeks out of the hairnet of trees.
I am from pizza and chocolate two opposites combined.
I am from the ocean that flows into the sea, two lives connected
          to make me.
I am from the Eiffel Tower, the leaning Tower of Pisa, and
          the Empire State Building.
I am from hot dog venders and Saks Fifth Ave,
          from pasta, vodka, and brie
I am from me.


Chloe` Meyerson lives in Tenafly, New Jersey and attends Tenafly High School. She enjoys learning about different cultures and new languages. She is currently studying both French and Japanese in school. Chloe's work has been published in the textbook, The Company of Children as well as the magazine, "And Then."


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