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Malcolm Callaghan
Age 11


The Greedy Rabbit

There once was a very greedy rabbit. One day he challenged a cheetah to a race. This was very deep in the forest. While the cheetah and the rabbit were walking, they met up with a turtle. They asked him to come along, and he agreed.

When they got to the edge of the forest, the turtle asked if he could race. The rabbit said "No." The rabbit and the cheetah told the turtle to be the referee while they raced. The turtle said, "Yes."

When the race started, the rabbit tripped. Then the turtle told the rabbit the race must continue. There was no way for him to catch up, so the rabbit just let the cheetah win.

Then they raced again. The rabbit said to the cheetah, "You have to let me win. But the rabbit did not let him win. Then the rabbit got mad and ran back to his home, never to be seen again.

The moral is if you give someone something don't expect something back all the time.


Malcolm Callaghan studies at the after school program of the Fredrick Douglass Creative Art Center of New York City.


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