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The Night Snackers' Cure
By Deandra Tan


"Jim! Sally! Bedtime!" said Mrs. Heartle. Jim and Sally stopped playing.

"But, Mom! I'm so hungry!" complained Jim. Sally looked up.

"Oh Ma," she whined--- I'm so terribly thirsty."

Mrs. Heartle sighed. This had been going on for a long time. She poured Sally some tea and gave Jim some biscuits.

"Oh, Mom, eating biscuits makes me very thirsty," cried Jim.

"Drinking tea makes me ever so hungry!" wailed Sally. Poor Mrs. Heartle poured Jim some tea and gave the rest of the biscuits to Sally.

When the children were finally asleep, Mrs. Heartle called Mrs. Porite for some advice.

"Mrs. Porite, is that you? Hello, this is Mrs. Heartle," she said.

"Oh, why, hello," said Mrs. Porite.

"I was wondering if Heather had snacks before bedtime," continued Mrs. Heartle.

"Why, yes, she used to. But when I heard about Mrs. Noeproableme and how she can help, I dashed to the phone and called her, and that was the end of the problem," said Mrs. Porite fondly.

"Yes... Mrs. Noeproableme. Thank you, Mrs. Porite, " said Mrs. Heartle and hung up.

Mrs. Heartle quickly dialed Mrs. Noeproableme’s phone number. "Hello, Mrs.Noeproableme, do you have a cure for late night snacking?" she asked.

"Of course I do, " answered Mrs. Noeprobleme. "Snackeritis is very common. Many other mothers have called for help. Luckily, Jim and Sally aren't in serious trouble. Send Jim over to pick up the cure. Just spread the cream over their lips." Then Mrs. Noeproableme hung up.

The next day, Jim arrived with a small bag. "Package from Mrs. Noeproableme," he said. Then, Jim raced to the basement to play. Mrs. Heartle reached into the small bag and pull out a lip moisture sort of thing labeled, "Night Snackers' Cure." She called Jim and Sally.

"Wha' Mom?" they asked.

"Lip moisture to protect your lips from cracking," replied Mrs. Heartle. She rubbed it on them anxiously to see what would happen.

That night after dinner before bedtime, Jim tried to open his mouth to say how thirsty he was, but he couldn't open his mouth. The cure kept his mouth glued. When Sally and Jim were in bed, Sally tried to open her mouth to say she was thirsty but not a peep came out. Same for the next night and soon it was time to give Mrs. Noeproableme back her cure. Jim and Sally were so used to having their mouths glued they soon forgot about night snacks.


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DUCTS summer issue 2001
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