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Ducts Seeks Personal Stories

When Phil and I, back in the early 1930s, began our little enterprise, we had a number of goals in mind: (1) we wanted to make our first billion dollars before Phil turned 21; (2) we wanted to buy our own country; and (3) we wanted to learn to water ski. Although we have fallen painfully short of all three of these modest ambitions, we are still very proud that ducts has managed to achieve our last and most cherished goal. And it has achieved it in spades: (4) we wanted fabulous writers and artists who would blur the lines between pre-defined categories. This issue, more than any other, shows both the diversity and conversity that is ducts. We have a piece in our memoir duct about an unusual festival in a foreign land. And we have a similar piece by one of our esteemed columnists. We also have two works, in different ducts, about nakedness (profiles and memoirs). And, oddly, two unrelated pieces about disastrous road trips (memoirs and columnists). Our writers did not talk with each other and plan this. In fact, they are spread all across the globe: Japan, Thailand and various parts of the good ole' U. S. of A. Nor did we encourage them to write about similar topics. But it has always seemed to me, that the more you know, the less you know. And the less you know, the more you write. And the more you write, the more you know. Until finally, everyone is telling the same story. Only, they're telling it in such unique, individual ways that we are forever being pulled and pushed into narratives that are new and fresh, in spite of their sameness. It's confusing, I know. It's enlightening. It's the circle of life that leads through ducts.

We hope that circle leads you to a better understanding of yourself and the world. Our writers open their veins to share their deeply PERSONAL STORIES - the lifeblood of this webzine. They show you what they're doing, thinking and hoping. So please check out our multi and varied ducts - essays, memoirs, art, humor, kids and more - to get the best inner truth on the web.

Some News:

We are currently in the process of attempting to incorporate. And as part of our attempts to begin raising funds, we will have a slightly altered schedule for the next year. We plan to skip our next autumn issue. Ducts will reappear in December for the winter edition, only to vanish until summer. After that, we plan to hop back onto our regular, quarterly schedule.


This issue is a special one because it is the first designed by the inimitable Rachelle Meyer, of Plasmotica Studios. Her design ideas - mixing innovation with tradition - have turned ducts into a rather "clean," pretty zine. We can't offer her enough thanks. She has helped Phil and I see and think in new ways and that, appropriately, is what ducts is all about. More importantly, she likes eating at diners as much as we do and has added a little spice to our late night meals. Thanks Rachelle!

I would also like to offer a special thank-you to my two editors, Veera Hiranandani (Kids) and Laura Buchholz (Humor). Both have brought passion to their duct work - they've helped the webzine grow in ways that it could not have without their creativity.

Finally, we want, as always, to thank you, our cherished readers for supporting - no! - demanding more ducts. You inspire us to continue publishing the very best personal stories on the web. Thanks and enjoy your reading!

Jonathan Kravetz

DUCTS summer issue 2001
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