welcome to the Ducts Stage

In this new multi-media duct we'll be bringing you performances by singers, dancers, filmmakers, actors, mimes... entertainers of all kinds. With the click of a mouse, they'll perform live on your computer screen. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll reload and watch 'em again!

On the stage this season:  Marc David Campbell

We at ducts have been excited before. There was the time that Phil finally figured out the meaning of life. And the time Jonathan figured out how to tie his shoes. But today we are REALLY excited. Because we are proud to present one of the smartest, funniest, hippest actor/comedians working in New York City.

His name is Marc David Campbell.

A little background...

At age 13, Marc was the proud proprietor of "Pooper Scooperz," the doggy mess pick-up experts (yes, he really was). At age 17, he founded "Reminderz," a company that specialized in calling people to remind them about things they were supposed to do. And at age 21, he created "The Little Blue Book," a coupon booklet advertising local businesses in the town near his college.

He IS a real go-getter.

He currently works as an analyst at a Wall Street investment bank!

But he knew that banking was not exactly his first passion (a man who can invent a pooper scooper company DEFINITELY has a sense of humor).

So he decided it was time for a new career. Enter..

"Marc the Actor"

Marc has performed at many theaters and clubs in New York City, including Catch a Rising Star, Carolines, and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

He is talented and becoming more successful. But he was still looking around for new and interesting ways to GET HIMSELF OUT THERE. Enter ducts...

We were intrigued when we discovered that he had the moxy to purchase his own domain name on the Internet, and created a jazzy little website for all things Marc: www.marcdavidcampbell.com.

And now... the Ducts Stage proudly features a few of Marc's performances. There's a range of material here: video and audio, funny standup bits, and thoughtful monlogues.

If you like what you hear, visit his site for second helpings!





The Performances


Marc is currently working on "Extra Ordinary," a one man show which explores the joys and obstacles of finding peace in who and what you are. The show opens this summer and a CD recording is available at Amazon.Com.


We now present a couple of clips from the show.


(In order to experience the show you'll need RealPlayer, which you probably already have. If you don't, it's free and can be downloaded quickly and easily by clicking here.)



Master Mow V. Lous




Mr. Mow describes his background
audio monologue (2:57 mins)

Born in Romania during the Cold War, Master Mow was kidnapped from his home as a young boy by Ukranian circus clowns while his mother and brother, Fab U. Lous were sleeping. Transported to the U.S. via boxcar, he was sold to a very small man named Leonard who in turn left him on the front steps of the California chapter of the Church for the Transcendental Arts. It was there Mow was ordained an eighth level transcendental master after solving the eight great mysteries of the universe with nothing more than a lite brite and a can of Eazy Cheese. Master Mow is universally recognized as the world's leading spiritual guru and hosts the very popular nationally syndicated radio show "Insightful Revelations" where he shares his special brand of wisdom with the unenlightened masses.

short audio clips
(less than 1 min. each)

slap me


punch head


wooden spoon

audio monologue (4:33 mins)

Marc's mother passed away in September of 1998. This monologue is a snapshot of a moment in time during his ongoing struggle to make sense of a tragedy which makes no sense.

Marc also does Stand-Up. Here's one of our favorite clips:

performed at Carolines Comedy Club - NYC
video (2:38 mins)

If you ride the subway long enough, you start to realize that even though you ride with different people every day, you see the same standard moves over and over - like "The Tourist", "Mr. Too Cool" and my personal favorite, "The Fugitive."

visit marc's site for more...


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